How Not to Have Digital Marketing Nightmares in 2015

How Not to Have Digital Marketing Nightmares in 2015

Digital marketing is getting bigger and better with each passing year. According to, companies spent twice as much on TV than they did on digital in 2010. By the end of 2015, TV and digital spend will be nearly equal. This means you not only have to focus on improving your digital marketing efforts but at the same time, try to avoid making mistakes that could cost you dearly.

As more and more companies enter the digital marketing space, there is an increased risk of them diving head first into this marketing genre without a deeper understanding what they should expect from their digital marketing efforts. This can result in making bad digital marketing decisions and adopting practices that could backfire.

We’ll show you how you can avoid having digital marketing nightmares in 2015.

Digital Marketing Advice & Tips 2015

Bad planning translates into total blunder. Invest more in planning well.

The importance of planning can never be stressed enough. More so in the case of digital marketing. Lack of proper planning not only results in a waste of time, money, and energy but it also kills the opportunities at hand.

Here’s what Brent Gleeson, Co-founder and CMO of a U.S-based digital marketing, advises:

Understand your marketplace.

A brand needs to have a sound understanding of its competitors, geographical boundaries, customer demographics, existing distribution channels, and any information on trends in your markets (both demographic and product-related).

Perform a SWOT Analysis.

Understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Define your marketing objectives. What do you want to achieve as a result of your marketing efforts and what goals and KPIs are you using to measure success?

Have a budget.

What can you afford to spend on this marketing effort as a whole and then how is it broken down by individual marketing channel? You need to spend your money wisely especially if you are on a limited budget. For example, if you need direct response for success, consider doing Pay Per Click instead of Social Media.

Realistic goals are better than impractical dreams. Stop having them.

Overnight success is something that not even the best marketers can promise to achieve in the digital marketing space. So spare yourself of unrealistic targets and set your foot on more practical grounds. Gleeson says: digital campaigns take time to be developed, optimized, and improved to where you are seeing the results you are hoping for. Also you should not hop randomly between strategies without giving enough time to each one of them to show results. It’s a wastage of resources.

Stay informed or stay behind.

When it comes to knowing if your efforts are paying off and how a particular campaign is performing, there are ways to track every inch of your digital marketing efforts. Keep an eye on the chief data points such as insights on Facebook or Google analytics for your websites performance to get a better understanding of what are the things you’re doing right and what needs to change.

Also stay informed on the latest trends and best practices to give your digital marketing efforts some well-meaning tweaks to make them more effective.

Written by Steve Myring of

Steve Myring is owner and CEO of Molchester Digital Marketing Agency